Tips for Maximizing the MSP Profits


Tips for Maximizing the MSP Profits

MSP business is considered a proactive and break-fix model for many of us. Many MSP keeps doing the primitive methodology of the IT Managed Services model where they offer their customers the network operations center (NOC), helping them with their regular IT Support cases and managing their data backups. The service portfolio for the IT MSP can be increased following some of the below mentioned services that will enhance the benefits and increase overall customer satisfaction as well.

  • License Management – Keeping the licenses for the customer that they use for their applications, devices etc. can be managed and any expiration of the license should then be updated to the customer will definitely leave a good customer satisfaction and also will boost the relationship.
  • Training – Not many of the MSP businesses are really getting engaged in providing the basic software training to their clients like Microsoft Office, Internet etc. The training can also be added to the portfolio for better customer engagement and increasing the services portfolio.
  • Penetration Testing – It is becoming more and more important these days to have a good penetration testing carried out on the client IT infrastructure to get to know about possible vulnerabilities. The vulnerabilities cannot be unnoticed and with the increasing numbers of Cyber-attacks happening these days, it is imperative that the networks are checked against the potential loop holes and be prevented from being hacked or compromised.
  • Website Development and Hosting – Every business need a website running for their internet presence be felt. The MSP can offer the website development, hosting and management services for their clients that will help them increase the customer engagement and making them look like a one stop shop for complete IT care among their customers.
  • VOIP and EPABX Management – The telephony is other key area that is essential for almost every business and can be pitched to the customers who either are in need of a new telephone solution or are looking for changing their existing one.
  • Managed Firewall – This is yet another area that can be added to the portfolio for providing the customers a solution for their firewall requirements. The managed firewall services will help the MSP to keep a check on the firewall condition centrally and be able to do the scan for the networks for keeping the customer IT Infrastructure safe.
  • Offsite BDR for Disaster Recovery – Almost every backup software these days offer a solution for the offsite backup replication and providing the disaster recovery solution offsite. The MSP can add this to their services portfolio for providing the customers an option to subscribe for the BDR unit for keeping their IT backup safe offsite on cloud.
  • SEO and Social Media Marketing – This can also be added to the IT Managed Services by offering to the customers the option to keep their website SEO work be done and managed as well as the various social networking website related content management be done. This has been seen that the businesses lack the power of keeping their social media marketing and SEO for their website done correctly hence leaving it unmanaged and not be showing up correctly on the various search engines. This is where the MSP can pitch this service in addition to enhance their services portfolio.

With the above mentioned services, the MSP can scale up their services and become a contact point for almost any IT related matter and hence can increase their profits. MSPAssist has been a consistent performer in the above mentioned services outsourcing and therefore can definitely help you with the same.

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