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RMM Development & Consultation

MSPAssist has been a preferred choice for various MSP businesses across the globe for consultation, setting up and management of the RMM tools. MSPAssist employs an exceptionally trained team of IT professionals with vast experience in being core participant of the team driving the RMM capabilities. The RMM tools we have knowledge of are extremely powerful in planning and deployment of the IT services that would focus both on the proactive and reactive aspect of the MSP business. Following are the examples of some of the common RMM tools that we offer the consultancy and support to.

Connectwise Automate

When it comes to defining the MSP businesses strength, the industry’s leading players find Connectwise Automate a superb choice for practicing a healthy, stable, efficient, and flexible operation. Connectwise Automate remains one of the top choices for many senior MSP businesses and has expandability to deployment, management, and administration of thousands of devices under a single console. MSPAssist remains very close in offering the following key values that Connectwise Automate (Formerly Labtech Software) can provider:

Why Choose Us for Connectwise Automate Consulting

  • Handling complex script requirements and offering automation.
  • Monitoring for core components like servers and devices.
  • Implementing the powerful patch management for Windows OS.
  • Decreasing the manhours for various operations with stellar remote procedures.
  • Integrations to the other software for a better workflow.
  • Reflecting the best services offered in monthly reports


Kaseya has been a consistent, powerful, and extremely intelligent tool for the remote monitoring and management purposes. It is widely used by many MSP businesses because of the clear and understandable interface it offers. However, MSP businesses require the real use of this RMM tool to let them manage and monitor their customers more efficiently. MSPAssist has been handling and providing the support for Kaseya over the years and offering the consultancy to the MSP businesses who like to know more about this powerful RMM tool.

Why Choose Us for Kaseya Consulting and Support

  • Years of experience in the overall management and support.
  • Ready to deploy set of scripts and monitor sets to use to create a launchpad.
  • Advance level report writing skills.
  • Handling the patch management for thousands of devices from single console.
  • IT security management using AV.
  • Creating a robust backup and disaster recovery management procedures.

Logic Monitor

LogicMonitor is often used as an infrastructure monitoring by the leading MSP businesses even when they have an RMM tool in place. LogicMonitor offers a extremely light weight yet powerful way of managing devices remotely. MSPAssist has a comprehensive knowledge on how to set this software and manage it for a robust MSP solution.

Why Choose Us for Logic Monitor Support

  • Round the clock coverage for your infrastructure.
  • Filling up the gaps to implement a comprehensive infrastructure monitoring.
  • Handling hundreds of challenging integrations with ease.
  • Running the audits for a comprehensive inside detail of the IT infrastructure.
  • Instant alerting and escalation for a critical outage or an issue.
  • Setting up the access control to the other users with secure logins.

Solarwinds RMM

The puzzle to pick a right RMM solution is not over without bringing several factors into play like coverage, SLA, future expansion, and integration environment that the MSP is looking into. Solarwinds is one familiar RMM tool that can be put into place to implement an enhanced MSP operation. MSPAssist has been offering the support for the Solarwinds N-Central to the customers across the globe over the years.

Why Choose Us for Solarwinds Support

  • Industry level experience in handling the RMM
  • Available set of working procedures to make it fully functional quickly.
  • Enhanced experience and knowledge of backup and disaster recovery operations.
  • Handling the report manager to showcase the IT services operations to the client.
  • Senior level script writing knowledge and experience.
  • Add-on values to the MSP operations with patch management and application updates.

Connectwise Automate

Connectwise Automate software is a remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool that is used for managing the number of machines remotely. This tool helps doing a variety of administrative and monitoring related tasks on the multiple manageable machines that have the OS installed like Microsoft Widows remotely and therefore makes the IT Help Desk Services more flexible and centrally operated. MSPAssist has huge experience working with the Connectwise Automate software and setting it up to maximize the benefits this product can offer to the businesses. MSPAssist can help in various areas of this software like writing scripts for automation, developing the monitoring plans for IT networks and data center, planning and deploying the bullet proof patching for the machines, setting up the reports for management and technical use and integrating the product to number of third party software using the API and integration hooks. MSPAssist has Connectwise Automate certified individuals who have taken the direct training from Connectwise Automate on how to deliver the best services using this incredible RMM tool.


Kaseya software is a remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool and is being used for administrating and monitoring the remote IT Infrastructure Consisting of the IT devices and manageable machines with a remote agent installed that is controlled using a central server. MSPAssist has proven skills needed for managing the Kaseya RMM software for the businesses. MSPAssist offers wide range of services for this software starting with the scripting to automate the management tasks on machines, setting up the proactive monitoring and auto-healing of the alerts received from the managed networks, applying the maintenance related tasks like patching, update for third party software and scheduled maintenance on the machines for optimizing the performance, reports development for management and technical usage and integrating the software with the third party products.

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