Some of the questions that we are often asked by the MSP Businesses while discussing the opportunities

MSPAssist keeps the onboarding process simplified for the MSP businesses so that they do not have to juggle through various stages. We at MSPAssist will ask for the specific information in a specific client’s onboarding checklist sheet once the process is about to start. This sheet would contain all the necessary information needed from MSPAssist to get started.

MSPAssist uses email as a primary channel for a written communication between its employees and the MSP client. The other communication channels frequently used by the MSPAssist with its client include PSA (professional services automation) software like Connectwise Manage, Autotask etc., Microsoft Teams and group calls.

MSPAssist follows prominent and proven customer services skills and help instill the industry specific skillset to all its employees under our regular training sessions. All the engineers at MSPAssist have proven oral communication skills and hence can talk to the end users over the phone calls if needed.

MSPAssist has subscribed to the various online technical training portals like CBTNuggets and Microsoft partner programs. These programs help the engineers at MSPAssist upgrade their RMM (remote monitoring and management) skills like Microsoft, network administration and other technologies up to date. MSPAssist also assigns to its engineer the courses under vendor training programs like Connectwise Automate (formerly Labtech), Kaseya, Autotask, Veeam etc. This would help the engineers at MSPAssist get the training on any upcoming changes to the software and learn it.

MSPAssist works with the MSP businesses purely on a pay-as-you-go model which allows the MSP businesses to sign up for any contract with MSPAssist under a no obligation contract with no lock in enforced. MSPAssist believes that the work quality for any contract is the primary gauging parameter for keeping the contracts running and hence it focuses always on the unmatched work quality over anything else.

The cost reduction is imperative to run an outsourcing business and MSPAssist works every aspect possible to keep itself cost-effective to a certain degree for the services it offers. The cost typically saved by an MSP business in outsourcing their RMM, NOC or IT helpdesk to MSPAssist will range anywhere b/w 40% to 70%. This makes it a huge difference for an MSP business as it can save the cost as well as the time and put their efforts to improving their business and expanding the size of it.

MSPAssist does not put any defined costing information for every client it has, and the costing is one thing which is designed only after knowing the detailed requirements from the MSP clients. MSPAssist keeps the costing calculated on the workload for any requirement that demands a dedicated resource allocation and scope of coverage for any process that demands the NOC support. There are several other add-on services which the MSP business may opt-in to and MSPAssist will then quote for those separately.

MSPAssist runs the office in various shifts to make it run 24×7 in nature. The NOC support remains an important coverage that MSPAssist offers to the MSP businesses and hence, it is completely convenient for MSPAssist to offer the 24×7 NOC coverage to the MSP businesses.

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