On-boarding Clients:


On-boarding Clients:

Having a proper and a set standard for on-boarding your clients is one of the most essential aspect for any IT business. Your business can be a real differentiator, by changing the ways you onboard your clients. Before you outline the process to your clients you must be sure about the steps yourself.

The primary stages for on-boarding take place in six major steps:

  • Network Assessment (The Know-How Phase)- Assess what they currently possess.
  • Evaluation (The Analyzing Phase)- Evaluate their expectations and know where they need to be.
  • Quotation (The Pricing Phase)- creation of project check list, timeline and incurred expenses.
  • Agreement on Terms (The Negotiation Phase)- have the client agreed on the terms and get the necessary documents signed.
  • Implementation (The To-Do Phase)- prepare your team and start off with the checklist and generation of reports.
  • Completion (The Wrap-Up Phase) – Achieve the agreed terms and finalize the documentation.

To earn the trust of your client and to prove your loyalty towards them there are certain things that a business successful in the long run should take care of. Even though we understand that every client has certain aspects that are unique to them, there are still few best practices that can be followed so that you can satisfy your client and build a happy and healthy relationship with them.

  • Transparency about your work and your work culture plays a vital role in determining how well could you satisfy your client.
  • A timeline that best fits the client is another major asset.
  • Managing their expectations and pain points.
  • Having a clear and good communication with advice at every step.

How MSPAssist deals with client?

We at MSPAssist strive to meet our client’s satisfaction and are very well aware of the fact that every client is distinct. We build solutions that delivers an individual, innovative and affordable product/solution every time & follow it with an outstanding delivery which is both on time & within budget. We are transparent and believe in building strong and healthy relationships with our clients. We also pride ourselves not only in delivering the products and solutions but also on our after-sales services including our guarantee of onsite/offsite support. We are a blend of excellent technical and customer service skills that everyone can rely on.

So to give your business growth that you can pride on, have a proper insight and vision, and relish an ever-lasting relationship with your client, since the key to success for every business owner is the way they treat their clients and who they rely on for providing their services!

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