Sales Support For MSP


Sales Support For MSP

MSPAssist offers a reliable and promising Sales Support for the MSP businesses. Sales has been a crucial parameter for any business and when it comes to running a IT managed services sales has a broader and vital role for the business success. MSPAssist offers a perfect sales support for the MSP where the sales agents take full responsibility to make and attend the calls and participate effectively in running cold calling campaign and any business promotion activity over the phone. The sales agents would make a soft call to the bright prospect and walk him/her through the services that the MSP offers and the benefits that the prospect would reap from those services. The opportunity if requires the onsite appointment fix-up then the sales agent from MSPAssist would let the MSP know about it and finalize the appointment.

MSPAssist also offers various other ways that would help the MSP business in getting more potential customers added to their account and have more visitors hitting the website and other media shared by the MSP on the internet.

Those other activities typically involved the following:

a. Social media coverage and regular update

b. Email newsletter campaign for the potential customers

c. Google Adword Campaigning

d. Adding the blogs for generating the online traffic and hence increasing the ranking on search engines

An typical example of how the outsourcing of the sales to MSPAssist would benefit the MSP businesses is that our sales agents assigned to an MSP in US has delivered huge success by increasing the clientele of the MSP by 100% in a span of one year.

What typically requires from the MSP for the MSPAssist to make this engagement successful is getting the quality data if the MSP has it already and making sure that the opportunity that has been generated by calling should be considered seriously and should be made necessary followups with.

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