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Outsourced VSA Services for MSP

MSPAssist provides a capable, reliable and worry-free VSA services for the MSP to augment their IT department and add more skills on the fly. The VSA services offered from MSPAssist includes the following:

  • Microsoft certified L1 – L3 administrator for handling the remote administration and management tasks
  • Certified backup administrator for handling the backup and disaster recovery software deployed
  • Certified network administrator for handling the network devices like firewall, routers and switches
  • Certified desktop administrator for real-time support services
  • Certified IT administrator for any migration related projects for Microsoft based IT infrastructure
  • Certified cloud administrator for managing and administering the Office365 based SaaS

The outsourcing for the VSA services are specially designed for the MSP businesses for letting them generate more revenue and business while not having to deal with the technical difficulties involved. The VSA services are purely as-needed or a monthly retainer arrangements and therefore the MSP does not have to get bound to any contract term for the outsourcing of it. MSPAssist has an excellent IT and general office infrastructure for delivering the services without any hassles. The VSA desks are equipped with the following:

  1. Dual monitor workstations
  2. VOIP based phone
  3. Headset for call handling
  4. Faster computers
  5. High speed fiber optic based lease line internet
  6. UPS power backup
  7. Noise-free space
  8. Sufficient space to pin notes

The visual worflow and the necessary points to be considered whle outsourcing to us have been demonstrated in the following video:


The VSA services provided by MSPAssist are completely under the supervision. The supervisor is assigned for the concerns and feedback sharing and to provide resolution without delays. Many of our clients have enjoyed these services and are successfully getting the desired results. Contact us for knowing more and getting a quote on the service.




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