Outsource Patch Management for MSP


Outsource Patch Management for MSP

MSPAssist provides reliable, secure as well as a capable Outsource Patch Management for MSP services to reinforce their IT department.

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Keeping the business secure is one of the most demanding part of any IT company. It is known that without a bulletproof patch management, the computers are considered at risk towards malware and hackers. Leaving the patch management not being managed also reduces the compatibility for the Operating Systems to the new version of software.

What is Patch Management?

  • Patch management in operation of system management that involves acquiring testing.
  • Installing multiple patches
  • Maintaining current knowledge of available patches.
  • Deciding what patches are applicable for particular system.
  • Ensuring that patches are installed properly,
  • Testing system after installation and documenting all related procedures.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing helps in many ways. One of main benefit it gives to companies to save the cost and time. A good outsourcing includes

  • A comprehensive planning as well as execution
  • Business analysis as well as the installation.
  • Management and servicing of the network and workstation.
  • A fine tuned as well as verified workflow for meeting the SLA

WHY Should I Outsource the Patch Management?

There are many reasons for why a MSP should consider outsourcing their patch management:

Patch Management gets the minimum preference on  all MSP tasks. It is the part which is mostly pending and left unmanaged. A main reason for this problem is the need to free up your on-site engineers or sometimes, MSP also wants to reduce the expenditure on daily routine tasks. It seems that many times managerial summary or monthly description reflects poorly because of the unmanaged and improperly patched computers.

Why MSPAssist?

We are serving MSPs the Outsource Patch Management with complete portfolio. MSPAssist checks all updates on internal machines before implementing or rolling those to customer machines. Our NOC Engineers schedule reboots outside working hours or on the weekends. We do everything to assure you of having all your client computers up-to-date with Microsoft and non-Microsoft updates. MSPAssist also checks on various other things and pre-requisite before deploying the patches. Those checks include making sure there are restore points as well as that the servers have solid backup etc.

For more details contact us to discuss about your patch management requirement as needed, we will provide you a team of experienced engineers as well as account managers.


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