Outsource Backup Management


Outsource Backup Management

For a company to be operational in its infrastructure the key components that surrounds Is its backup and disaster recovery mechanism. The backup and disaster recovery are the most critical component for overall IT infrastructure and without the backups the business is always at risk. The MSP businesses have this one always to their top priority when managing their managed services clients. That is why to ease the process, MSPAssist offers a set of comprehensive backup and disaster recovery management and support. Backup management and recovery is the best way to protect your company data and to potentially protect it from any data theft.

To know the requirements of your company we strive to know what sought of tools and products would best suit your business and we will work according to that. Normally you may not know which recovery solutions to choose from whether from cloud backup platform or locally. MSPAssist help in recovery from disaster at a faster way, easier methods and which seems less damaging. Opting for MSPAssist in dealing with backup and disaster management comes out to be less costly than the in-house processes. We need data to carry out our daily operations and that is why it is important that it is backed up properly without any barrier. The rise of data volume is enormously increasing with the passage of time and that’s why storing this huge amount of data stands exploding. The SMB’s can’t afford to store such huge amount of data in-house so that’s where the outsourcing of data backup management comes into play which use physical and virtual data centers to protect the company’s data so that it does not come across any ransomware or cyber-attacks.

Data storage with the help of a data center saves the company as well as the client’s data from the attack of malwares. Our engineers are extremely confident and trained on some of the best-selling backup applications like Shadowprotect, Veeam, AppAssure and Acronis. MSPAssist provides a full range of IMS (Infrastructure Management Services) for the MSP businesses. The services are tailored as per the requirements of the client and the engineers assigned work as per the guidelines set by the clients. The majority of the tasks that can be performed on the infrastructure remotely would fall under these services.

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