Hiring vs Outsourcing


Hiring vs Outsourcing

Many business leaders today ask the question on should we outsource or should we hire sometime on premises. The answer lies in which type of services we require and looking on the importance of it. Whereas IT outsourcing is available for any sized company which is known to take over all or a portion on the basis of IT requirements. But we have seen that mostly small and medium sized businesses require the outsourcing services as they want to cut down on costs and focus on their main business area where a good revenue is generated. But there is a question on when should we consider outsourcing and when can hiring be considered?

  • Firstly, it depends on the needs of the firm with the budget approved for the services to opt for in particular.
  • Secondly, what kind of services we need as in a full-time, part time support or it would require a 24/7 working environment to support its business.
  • Lastly, what kind of result is expected after the services and does it match the desired output?

It is fairly said that most small-scale companies are dependent on outsourcing their needs as their business focus is more on reactive than proactive due to some time constraint factors present and considering the competitive market. Also, the SMB’s cannot afford to set up a separate department which is not a part of their core functionality because of resource affordability and budget constraints as ample space is required to set up a different department. Also, the level of talent required may not come in that budget if we consider the hiring criteria as it follows a long procedure, efforts, time and seems costly for the company. Considering the competitive market getting the best resources is a challenge which can be eased by taking outsourcing services as they already contain best resources is a challenge which can be eased by taking outsourcing services as they already contain best resources who are properly trained and has exposure to solve issues in the best possible way. Outsourcing stands a less expensive option because it promises on providing a 24/7/365 proactive and reactive IT support services to the company it is delivering its services. Many leaders who are running a small business are unaware of the in-depth working of the IT environment review and planning of the work to be performed and so are unable to plan a technical future of the company for which outsourcing stands a helping hand to serve them to the fullest with backend monitoring and maintenance and ensuring full security and secrecy of vital information.

Hiring on the other hand also has its own sets of benefits but that could not overcome the advantages of outsourcing. Hiring can induce face to face solutions to the problem faces by the employees and their issues are monitored on an immediate basis. The in-house employees can build strong relationships with the company which will create a long-term accountability within them. But to find the right talent suitable to the needs is a challenging task in smaller cities where availability of finding the right talent is an issue. The in-house employees will ask for benefits from the company as their tenure increases which will increase the cost to the company per employee which is a strict flat rate in case of outsourcing the IT services which saves a good amount of money and the company can invest on valuable resources. Also, training the in-house employees will again incur cost and if he leaves the organizations then again, the whole hiring process will start which will cost double at the company’s end.

Outsourcing helps to complete the task faster with expert access using latest technologies to deliver the best support with full scalability and security parameters taking into consideration. The three main parameters here are flexibility, cost and expertise to choose between in-house hiring or look for outsourcing by analysing the needs of the business.

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