Connectwise Automate Consulting for MSP (Managed Services Providers)


Connectwise Automate Consulting for MSP (Managed Services Providers)

MSPAssist provides excellent Connectwise Automate Consulting for MSP businesses with total coverage that includes the following:

  • Scripting for Connectwise Automate Software

    – MSPAssist has experience in automating the IT administration tasks using the scripting solution that Connectwise Automate software provides. The scripting in Connectwise Automate software supports any remote scripting language like Powershell, Shell commands, VBScript etc. hence it gives a great feature to utilize the scripts for automating the tasks. MSPAssist offers an excellent consulting for Connectwise Automate Software in regards to the scripting and analyses the current setup and offers the best practices the MSP can implement for taking more advantages from the tool.

  • Monitor Sets

    – The MSP businesses rely heavily on the ability to monitor their managed client networks with superb monitoring for proactive coverage for servers, network devices and other managed devices. Quite often the MSP businesses don’t really know if the monitoring they have applied covers every aspect of the monitoring requirement as agreed with their clients. MSPAssist provides excellent consulting for the monitoring setup in Connectwise Automate and various best practices that can be implemented to make the monitoring capabilities of the tool even more robust. Hence, this will prove out to be a beneficial for MSP in their business and get good feedback on proactively monitoring their managed client networks.

  • Integrations

    – The Connectwise Automate software provides excellent integration to various tools which play pivotal role in any MSP business like Connectwise, CDyne, Ninite etc. These various tools which work in conjunction with Connectwise Automate for a concrete alerting model needs a proper setup and workflow rules in place. MSPAssist has proven experience in setting up those integrations correctly and can provide the consulting for such requirements with high degree of effectives and usefulness.

  • Reporting

    – The Connectwise Automate software has a MySQL database which allows the reporting using the SQLYog. The reporting from MySQL is time saving and can be helpful in various ways to effectively operate and manage the MSP business. MSPAssist offers an excellent Connectwise Automate Consulting in various reports that can be obtained from the MySQL for knowing the networks better and be able to effectively manage the monitored networks.


has a proven experience with the above mentioned areas since 2010 and has worked with over 200 MSP businesses till date. This makes MSPAssist a reliable and preferable partner for any outsourcing requirements for the Connectwise Automate Consulting and Support.

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