How can MSP’s be a boon against the growth of Ransomware for SMB’s


How can MSP’s be a boon against the growth of Ransomware for SMB’s

With the recent attack of ransomware named WannaCry seen worldwide on the rise, the MSP’s got a chance to protect their customers data by offering solutions to SMB’s in terms of security in terms of cloud backup which helps as a best defence mechanism tool against ransomware if it hits a system. The increase of ransomware has led the MSP’s to take advance measures by protecting their customers data and gaining huge profit margins by offering these security mechanisms.

The cost of a ransomware attack is huge to its victim which comes out around $209 million recorded in the year 2016 and increasing as the years crossing. If we talk about the SMB’s, they cannot afford to install high tech systems to control the ransomware attack and so do they lack in maintaining the backup part seriously. They rely on outdated solutions that seem older and don’t work as per the modern requirements which is tough and time-consuming to manage. For this approaching an MSP is a boon which handles these SMB’s backups seriously by considering latest tools and techniques to help customers protect their data from any vulnerable attack that can approach a system with vital data.

The door gets open for SMB market as ransomware being a popular threat to a business which gives a golden opportunity for MSP’s to prove their ability to protect their customers important information in the form of data. So, to ease the matter MSP’s should be careful while choosing the right set of backup solutions for a specific SMB so as to protect their data, provide with full back up support which will help the MSP to increase their margin level in terms of incoming profitability. This will fuel the growth process of the MSP business and in turn will provide with solutions to their customers in terms of protecting SMB’s against the attack of ransomware in the long run.

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