NOC Outsourcing for MSP


NOC Outsourcing for MSP

MSPAssist offers an excellent solution for the NOC Outsourcing for the MSP businesses. The NOC for an MSP is a vital area of their business operation. It requires a great skill set for being able to do this task efficiently. The outsourced NOC provides advantages to the MSP for running their business smoother. This also helps them to be able to extend the services portfolio to their clients.

The various components included in the NOC Outsourcing Management are:

  • Backup administration
  • Patch management
  • Optimization of the servers and workstations
  • Monitoring the servers and management machines proactively
  • Going through event logs, monitor set tickets
  • Antivirus management
  • Managing the security devices like Firewall
  • Application update management

Start taking the benefits from NOC outsourcing

MSPAssist has been associated to various MSP businesses in offering the NOC support. The NOC engineers know RMM tools like Kaseya, Labtech and N-able. There are other applications as well that are being used for managing the alerts and events. The outsourced NOC will take care of the alerts generated from these applications.

Some of those PSA applications are Connect-wise and Auto-task. MSPAssist knows how to administer and develop the RMM Solutions to make the NOC more advanced and proactive and be able to always remain auto notified about any of the issues and incidents that happen for the managed services contract client.

The engineers are available throughout the night time and are readily available for providing the daily report. This daily report discusses about the escalation tasks and any other heads up information. It helps keep the morning blissful and free from the unpleasant issues related calls from their customers. The NOC center at MSPAssist is equipped with multiple screens. This helps to be able to monitor the visual dashboard and monitoring. The entire facility is supervised by a qualified supervisor. This helps extensively in making sure the NOC outsourcing for the MSP runs smooth.

The NOC center has an excellent internet connection which is 20 mbps lease line. This primary internet is further backed up with a 5 mbps secondary lease line working in a fail over. The power comes with a complete backup. This helps in making sure of the smooth coverage. In addition to this the whole premises is free from any distraction or noise. This makes MSPAssist a reliable and preferred choice for outsourcing the NOC by many MSP businesses.

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