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Proactive Monitoring

MSPAssist provides a full range of IMS (Infrastructure Management Services) for the MSP businesses. The services are tailored as per the requirements of the client and the engineers assigned work as per the guidelines set by the clients. The majority of the tasks that can be performed on the infrastructure remotely would fall under these services. Some of the areas that are related to the IMS services that MSPAssist provides include the following:

Server Management and Administration

MSPAssist can offer the services related to the server management and administration. MSP businesses rely very much on making sure that their customer’s servers either on-premises data center or cloud don’t stop operating and don’t cause any business downtime. The infrastructure support services from MSPAssist make sure that the necessary fixes are applied to the servers while troubleshooting anything and therefore making sure that the business don’t face any problems due to improper and inexperienced handling of their servers. MSPAssist provides the white label services for the MSP businesses in supporting and administrating the servers of our client’s infrastructure and therefore augmenting the available support staff. MSPAssist can help in the following variety of the servers:

Server Management and Administration

Exchange Servers

The email system is considered as a most essential and imperative aspect to run the business and cannot afford to have a downtime. The MSP businesses need to make sure their managed client’s servers are always up and running. MSPAssist performs the management and administration of the Exchange servers with utmost importance and precautions. MSPAssist makes sure the business doesn’t face any outage and every morning check-in to the office for the MSP businesses is a joyful experience. MSPAssist also provides a regular MSP Helpdesk and tickets management so anything that appears to be an issue or task and needs any additional help can also be sent over to us for taking over and completing it.

Active Directory Servers

Active Directory Servers

The Active Directory servers believe to be a core of any AD based infrastructure and requires a skillful and resilient management. MSPAssist has skilled resources for managing these types of servers and therefore we can provide the complete management and maintenance for these servers.

Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services

The remote desktop service is a role based service formerly known as Terminal service and is required to allow multiple active directory or workgroup based users to login simultaneously and do the work without interfering with each other. These servers require additional set of skills and are considered very helpful when the deployment is thin client based and needs a remote server for users to do their normal tasks. MSPAssist offers Excellent RMM Support for these servers and can help in setting those up from scratch.

IMS Cloud Computing

The cloud computing is a latest addition to the IT infrastructure management and it focuses on deployment of the IT infrastructure on the internet cloud for better uptime and proper management. There are number of cloud services providers that are available these days who offer the SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) based services. MSPAssist can offer the complete range of IT infrastructure management services for any cloud deployment as mentioned above. Some of the common examples of which cloud services that MSPAssist has a hands on experience working with are listed below:

Office 365

Office 365

The cloud is another great thing available these days and Office365 has proved out to be very successful and popular for the email management and online collaboration. MSPAssist can offer a complete backend support related to any project, task or management for the Office365 deployment for the clients.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

The Azure is a Platform as a Service which is commonly used for the collaboration between various developers and IT management staff. This platform provides number of services like website CMS tools e.g. Wordpress, Joomla etc… , provisioning the virtual machines (servers and workstations) online, setting up the online storage etc… MSPAssist has ample experience in managing the Microsoft Azure and making it work in conjunction with the on premises IT infrastructure.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon AWS

The Amazon AWS is another service that allows the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and it offers wide range of cloud products. MSPAssist can provide a complete service for managing the IT infrastructure on cloud.

IMS Technology Virtualization

The virtualization is another great feature that has stormed into the IT world and is evolving in a great pace. There are variety of virtualization products which are available these days in market but some of the best and most popular ones like VMWare and Hyper-V need a great skillset and knowledge on how to manage and provide the support. MSPAssist provides the overall support for the virtualization technologies with the enhanced support model.

IT Infrastructure Firewall

The security is another absolutely important aspect of the IT infrastructure and it is almost imperative to have a gateway level security be planned and setup to avoid majority of the risks and have those filtered from the network traffic at the gateway level. Our resources are well trained in managing and administering the firewall devices available these days.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

The backup and disaster recovery is a most critical component for overall IT infrastructure and without the backups available the business is always at risk. The MSP businesses have this one always to their top priority when managing their managed services clients. MSPAssist can offer the comprehensive backup and disaster recovery management and support. Our engineers are extremely confident and trained on some of the best-selling backup applications like Shadowprotect, Veeam, AppAssure and Acronis.

AV Management

This is another area that can never be ignored or overlooked when it comes to managing the IT infrastructure for the businesses. MSP businesses have this always put under a supervision and managed customers need to be always up-to-date with their AV programs. MSPAssist knows the best practices in dealing with the management for the AV products.

Patch Management

The patch management is considered as a key feature for the continuous management for the IT infrastructure and without the patches installed on the IT based devices in a regular manner, the whole IT infrastructure could be put to risk and be considered incompatible to the latest release of the various online software. The patch management needs a watchful and skilled supervision and MSPAssist is very experienced in providing the same.

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